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Our office for any taxi service is in Plakias, on the south cost of Rethymno.Our goal is, to transfer our customers around Crete with safety and comfort


Our goal is, to transfer our customers around Crete with safety and comfort.
The cars we use (Mercedes 280) are equipped with everything you need to make your trip comfortable.
We do offer free use of Wi-Fi access via USB stick and children’s car seats.
We accept payment with credit cards

The standard tours are mainly to and from both airports, but also to the two ports (Heraklion and Chania) and from anywhere to return to Plakias.
We also provide transfers to Preveli, Damnoni, Souda, Korakas beach, Frangokastello, Chora Sfakion, Agia Galini, etc


Προορισμός Κόστος (€) Προορισμός Κόστος (€)
Plakias - Heraklion (Airport - Port) 120€(1h 30m) Heraklion - Agia Galini 100€
Plakias - Chania Airport 110€(1h 30m) Chania - Agia Galini 140€
Plakias - Chania (Port) 90€(1h 20m) Chania - Sfakia 90€
Plakias - Rethymno City 40€(35 min) Heraklion - Sfakia 170€
Rethymno - Chania 80€(55 min) Heraklion - Agios Paulos 120€
Rethymno - Heraklion 80€(55 min) Chania - Agios Paulos 130€
Plakias - Agia Galini 55€(1 hour) Chania - Fragokastelo 120€
Plakias - Fragokastello 40€(45 min) Heraklion - Fragokastello 150€
Plakias - Chora Sfakia 60€(1 hour) Heraklion - Rodakino 140€
Chania - Rodakino 130€ Heraklion - Kalipso Hotel 125€
Chania - Kalipso Hotel 120€    

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